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FMCSA/DOT Compliance Services in Texas

Steven Sullivan & Associates provides motor carriers, trucking companies, and transportation insurance firms with exceptional FMCSA/DOT compliance services in Texas to help keep their vehicles on the road and their businesses in operation.
Truck Inspection
We have the expertise to quickly create a corrective action plan that DOT will accept and will comply with their template. All we require from you is a copy of the compliance review or new entrant audit. We will send copies of the corrective action plan to you and DOT. This process saves you time and effort since we design a plan that we are confident will be approved and send it straight to DOT. Please implement your corrective action plan as soon as you have it.
You most likely received a notice of violation or a DOT warning letter if you had deficiencies, failed a DOT audit, or underwent a DOT compliance review. DOT will ask you for a corrective action plan if they issue you a notice of violation. You must fulfill numerous requirements and use a specific format for the FMCSA to accept your corrective action plan. It will be rejected if it doesn’t meet all of the requirements. Oftentimes, a rejected plan causes further delays and puts a company out of service. For more information, check out the resources below.
Contact us to learn about our additional services or to get answers regarding laws and audits. We can discuss with you the expectations of the transportation agencies. Additionally, we can perform mock DOT audits and review an accident or traffic ticket investigation if needed. Our FMCSA/DOT compliance specialists will guide you in every step of the process.